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Cessna 150D G-ASMW Tailwheel


G-ASMW is  our tailwheel example and is equipped with an 8.33klHz radio and transponder.


Cessna 150L G-BBJX, Cessna 150L G-BBNJ,  Cessna 150G G-AVMD


The Cessna 150 is an excellent two-seat gear general aviation airplane.


G-BBJX has the classic six pack IFR panel, 8.33 kHz radio, ADF, DME and transponder.


G-BBNJ has the classic six pack IFR panel, 8.33 kHz radio, Glideslope/Localiser and transponder


G-AVMD is equipped with the classic six pack IFR panel, GPS, ADF and transponder.






The EV-97 Eurostar EV97 is an microlight designed for touring and training. It is an economical single-engine, two-seat, all metal aircraft powered by a 80 HP Rotax 912 UL engine and has excellent flight characteristics and performance..

C150G POH Download - C150 Checklist

Frasca 142 N142FS


The Frasca 142 simulator can be configured as a single or multi engine aircraft and as the flight controls, engine instruments, radios and navigation indicators are modeled on actual aircraft parts it is incredibly realistic.


This makes it ideal for IMC and CBIR training and anyone who has an IR or IMC proficiency test. As it represents a cost effective method of obtaining the required standard.

frasca 142 EV-97 Eurostar POH C150L POH G-ASMW GBBJX C150D Tailwheel POH 1626187-large