The Aerodrome, Breighton, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 6DS


Cessna 150D G-ASMW Tailwheel


G-ASMW is  our tailwheel example and is equipped with an 8.33klHz radio and transponder.


Cessna 150L G-BBJX and Cessna 150G G-AVMD


The Cessna 150 is an excellent two-seat gear general aviation airplane.


G-BBJX has the classic six pack IFR panel, 8.33 kHz radio, ADF, DME and transponder.


G-AVMD is equipped with the classic six pack IFR panel, GPS, ADF and transponder.






The EV-97 Eurostar EV97 is an microlight designed for touring and training. It is an economical single-engine, two-seat, all metal aircraft powered by a 80 HP Rotax 912 UL engine and has excellent flight characteristics and performance..

C150G POH Download - C150 Checklist

Piper PA28-161 G-OJWS


The PA28 is light aircraft perfectly suited for flight training and self fly hire.


G-OJWS has the classic six pack IFR panel, two 8.33 kHz radio, VOR, localiser glideslope and Mode S Transponder.


EV-97 Eurostar POH C150L POH G-ASMW GBBJX C150D Tailwheel POH 1626187-large 1 PA28-161 POH Download - PA28-161 Checklist