The Aerodrome, Breighton, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 6DS


Mickey Kaye CPL, SEP, MEP, TMG, Microlight, IMC, FI, IRI, FE (SEP, TMG)


Mickey obtained his PPL and IMC rating at East Midlands Airport in the early nineties. He then completed his Commercial Pilot's Licence at the now defunct G&B Aviation at Coventry.


He relocated to the York area in 2007 and was instrumental in the setting up of York Flying School at Breighton aerodrome.

Matt Walker CPL, SEP, MEP. TMG, IR, FI, FIC, FIE, IRI, Aerobatic, FE (SEP, MEP, TMG), IRR, IRE


Matt originally started gliding at Burn Gliding Club and went solo on his 16th birthday. He completed his PPL at Gamston airfield and this was followed by his CPL, IR, MCC and JOC at Oxford Aviation.


Since then he has been instructing is largely responsible for our IMC and CBIR training.


Matt is also an EASA approved Instrument Rating Examiner for both initial and revalidation of Instrument Ratings.




Mickey Matt

Lewis Kennington EASA  CPL, SEP, MEP,  Microlight, IMC, IR, CRI, FI & FAA CPL, ASEL, AMEL, CFI, CFII


Lewis had his first trial flight aged 9 and flew as a cadet in the Air Training Corps. In 2006 while serving in the Army he completed his PPL at with Western Air Thruxton.


He attained his FAA qualifications in 2008 with Chandler Air Service in Arizona, a well respected 'stick and rudder' school, specialising in tailwheel and aerobatic training. While there he gained experience mentoring other European pilots.


Having returned to Leeds he obtained his CRI and FI rating with Advanced Flight Training and has been working full time for York Flying School since April 2013.




Eon Michaelides EASA PPL, SEP, IMC, FI


Eon started his career instructing before moving onto crop dusting. After having more scrapes than he cares to remember he got his first taste of airline flying with  Skyways Coach Air on the DC3.


Later he went on to fly the Viscount, SD360, F27, DC9, Fokker 70/100, 737 and A320 series.


Forever disappointed with the roll rate of the A321 he is now back in his element and instructs at York Flying School three days a week.




Edward Wood CPL, SEP, MEP, Microlight, IMC, IR, FI, IRI, Aerobatic


Edward obtained his PPL and IMC rating with York Flying School. After completing his hour building in G-AVMD he obtained his CPL and FI rating with Central Flight Training at Tatenhil and he has been instructing at York Flying School since.


Using the IFR time obtained during his IMC rating and IFR time logged while instructing, supplemented with practice on our Frasca 142 simulator, allowed him to complete an CBIR in significantly less hours than the traditional IR route.